Merrill Goozner

Merrill Goozner

MERRILL GOOZNER is an award-winning writer based in the Washington, DC. He spent 25 years as a foreign correspondent, economics writer and investigative business reporter for the Chicago Tribune and other publications, filing stories from more than a dozen countries while posted in Chicago, Tokyo, New York and Washington. Winner of numerous journalism awards, his freelance writing in recent years has appeared in various publications including the New York Times, Washington Post, Columbia Journalism Review, The Nation, The American Prospect and the Washington Monthly. He taught journalism for three years at New York University while writing "The $800 Million Pill: The Truth behind the Cost of New Drugs," a 2004 explanatory exposé of pharmaceutical industry research and development practices.

Recent Stories By Merrill Goozner:

  • Obama’s Fiscal Cliff Game Plan: Let’s Make a DealNovember 7, 2012

    A victorious President Obama will return to the White House for his second term with a strengthened hand to pursue his centrist agenda with a divided Congress. While the Republican House...

  • You Can Be an Election Pundit! 9 Key Talking PointsNovember 6, 2012

    As soon as the first results begin pouring in, the media pundits will shift into overdrive. It was women. It was white men. Obama blew it with young people. The Hispanic vote was key. No black will...

  • A Rising Tide of Natural Disasters as Climate ChangesNovember 5, 2012

    If there was a ray of sunshine in the aftermath of Superstorm Sandy’s devastating sweep across the northeastern seaboard last week, it was the sight of American politicians finally beginning to talk...

  • Fiscal Cliff: Two Candidates, Two ApproachesNovember 1, 2012

    As the hard-fought campaign moves towards an uncertain finale next week, President Obama and Republican challenger Mitt Romney have begun offering solid clues as to how they would defuse a...

  • 9 Who May Lead the Fed—Depending on the Election October 31, 2012

    Just eight men have run the Federal Reserve Board since Franklin Delano Roosevelt named Marriner Stoddard Eccles, the western Mormon banker who embraced the New Deal, to the newly reconfigured post...

  • 20 Races that Can Change the Course of CongressOctober 28, 2012

    THE SENATE CONNECTICUT Linda McMahon (R) v. Rep. Christopher Murphy (D) Say what you will about the former...

  • Gaffes Aside, the GOP Can Still Control CongressOctober 26, 2012

    When Indiana Republican Senate candidate Richard Mourdock declared earlier this week that “life is a gift from God,” even when conceived in that “horrible situation of rape, it's something God...

  • The Other Big Election: Who’s Who in the Senate RaceOctober 26, 2012

    After the presidency, all eyes will be on races for the Senate, which the Democrats currently control, 53 to 47, with the help of two independents.  Republicans have a distinct advantage: While...

  • Fed Focus on Mortgage Bonds Called InadequateOctober 25, 2012

    The sluggish pace of job creation continues to bedevil monetary policymakers at the Federal Reserve Board, who are coming under pressure to channel their monetary easing efforts into areas other than...

  • Obama Tops Romney in 3rd Debate as Eyes Turn to OhioOctober 23, 2012

    In the third and final presidential debate, there were three clear losers: China, Iran, and Syrian dictator Bashar al-Assad. President Obama and Republican Mitt Romney voiced their...

  • Improving Economic Prospects May Bring Minorities to the PollsOctober 22, 2012

    The Republican Party has hit rock bottom when it comes to appealing to black voters, according to recent polls. An NBC/Wall Street Journal poll taken in late summer found zero percent black voters...

  • Five Foreign Policy Flashpoints for Tonight’s DebateOctober 22, 2012

    In an election year when the economy weighs heaviest on voters’ minds, tonight’s foreign policy debate between President Obama and former Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney will most likely devolve...

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